Social recruitment strategies – a unique way to find best talent

Did you know that social recruitment strategies are the current trend in the HR domain? Over the years, the art of recruitment has changed tremendously due to upcoming technologies. The digital age has revamped the entire hiring scenario, almost 90% of HR professionals say they find some of the best talents through social media and are planning to use the same for enhancing their recruitment efforts in the near future.

However, this statement might not hold true for some organisations as they believe in hiring talent in the traditional way.

Here are few points that highlight the importance of social media in recruitment:

•How do we define Social Recruiting?

It is concept of recruiting prospective candidates through social media enterprises such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This concept is replacing traditional methods of recruitment as potential candidates are actively screened through conversations that take place on social media websites. Social recruitment enables companies to get their brand message across various social media websites by showing job seekers a picture of what their work culture is like.

• Why is there a need for social recruitment strategies?

Business trends are evolving by the day and with it, competition in the job market is getting intense. In order to keep up with the current trends, companies must enhance their internal business strategies. Recruitment being an integral part of business development needs to follow trends that will help the company to seek the best talent in the job market.

Moreover, companies are slowly coming to terms with accepting social recruitment as a hiring strategy. The reason for this shift — traditional recruitment methods are more manual in nature, time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome. Also, traditional recruitment is solely known to bring out the professional side of a candidate, but social recruitment methods help recruiters to understand the personal side of any candidate. It helps them evaluate a job seekers potential to fit into the company’s work culture.

• Social recruitment practices followed by HR professionals:

Social recruitment is one of the best methods to fish credible talent. It is least expensive and quick to work with. But before posting job requirements on social media websites, it is essential to develop a definite social recruiting strategy. This will enhance your chances of tapping the best talent on social media.

Here are some tips to increase your chances in getting the most out of social media:

• Have a good social media presence:

Before posting a job on social media, ensure that your company has a solid presence on at least two or more social media websites. Having an unresponsive account on social media can create trouble in attracting talent. Some of the major social media websites that you must direct your focus on are – Facebook, LinkedIn, The Muse and Instagram. Having an active presence on these websites will help you amplify your message to a greater extent.

• Use hyperlinks

Directing talent to your careers page should not be a constraint while posting jobs on social media websites. Ensure that hyperlinks direct people to the right page. Once you publish a post, take some time to go through it yourself. Keep track of your job post and devote time to addressing queries asked by job seekers.

• Be active on social media groups

By being active on job groups, you can connect to plenty of job seekers. The key to making an impact on social media websites is to be genuine in your approach. Publish posts occasionally; record responses and offer valid contact details. Frequent publishing of job posts on groups can decrease your credibility as a recruiter and earn your company the title of being a spammer.

• Be responsive

Never be unresponsive to the comments job seekers make on your posts. Job seekers expect to hear back from you in a timely manner for clarifications. Always offer valuable feedback when a job seeker looks for clarification. If you are uncomfortable replying publicly, you can send a reply through direct messages.

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