How to choose a recruiter or talent consultant?

Ashok and Mamta head the HR team of two reputed tier 1 firms in Bangalore. When we first contacted them about our talent consulting and recruitment services, they were a bit skeptical about our proposal. Like other companies, they too were looking for credible references before pursuing any of our recruitment services. But finally, they agreed to work with us, thanks to our client testimonials on Han Digital website which offered them necessary details on our services and also gave them an insight into our age-old presence and experience in the hiring industry.

Like Ashok and Mamta, it is common for most companies to be cynical before introducing new practices into existing ones. And why not? They must be! After all they are investing their time and money. Hence, it is crucial on their part to think twice before incorporating any new services.

If you are currently in a recruitment dilemma and thinking about hiring a talent consultant, you perhaps must be wondering how to choose them.

Well, we have got some quick tips to help you make the right choice for your company:

  • Determine their role:

Before approaching any talent consulting firm, it is vital that you bear in mind certain questions like — is the role right for them? Has this agency hired for this specific role before? Are they able to screen candidates for a particular role? How long have they served the market? etc. You will want to work with an agency that has hired applicants for similar roles you need filled. Therefore, try finding if they have the network to reach out to their potential sources and their knowledge in selecting applicants.

  • Check their website:

One of the best ways to determine their credibility is to check the website. A good talent consulting firm will always distinguish itself from fraudulent agencies by keeping their website updated at all times. Read through their About Us page and derive an understanding on their experience level in the industry. Read their blogs, if they have any.

Try navigating through the services sections and see if they match your requirements. Click on the Contact Us link and check its validity. Apart from this, you can also check address details on online directories like Yellow pages and LinkedIn. Their social media presence will also give you an insight about their current trends and activities.

  • Conduct additional research:

Instead of relying on their website for details, try seeking information about their track record on candidate-client engagement from additional sources such as Google Reviews and Mouth Shut reviews. These are online discussion platforms that voice concerns about customers, in this case it might be clients and applicants. The reviews also highlight the limitations and gains of their services and help you make your final decision. You must also research placements the recruitment firm has currently made and determine the progress of those applicants in their present roles.

  • Conduct reference checks:

Reference checks give you first-hand information and proof of any recruitment service company. It short, it summarises the nature of a company. Try finding out a list of candidates and clients they deal with. When talent consulting firms approach you, ask them to provide their references — existing clients and applicants. Talk to these references to get an understanding of their client service and candidate quality.

  • Test their services:

Lastly, test their services to see whether they deliver on their performance. To begin with ask for a shortlist of at least 10 applicants for a job role you require. If they succeed, they will be able to work with you in long-term projects. If they fail, be cautious. The value of a good recruiter and talent consultant is in the network they have built with applicants over time. An active talent pool of a recruitment agency displays their strength and capability of handling complex recruitment tasks.

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