How can start-ups improve their social media presence?

Most recruitment agencies find it difficult to help start-ups hire the best talent. Closures are nearly impossible and this can almost lead to the utter dissatisfaction of clients. Our expert start-up recruiters at Han Digital also face complex issues while pitching start-up job requirements to both experienced and non-experienced candidates.

One of the shocking responses from candidates recorded by the recruiters of Han Digital — they were unwilling to join start-ups because of their poor social media presence. These days’ social media has become the medium of procuring credible information to potential job-seekers. A company that doesn’t sport a profile on websites like LinkedIn at least, stands a chance of being sidelined by job-seekers.

If we notice closely, established companies have trending websites and regularly update social media profiles, but start-ups, which have recently been launched, struggle to make a presence due to their inability to crowdsource a handful of potential talent.

As talent experts, we believe in sharing some reliable information on how start-ups can improve their social media presence. Take a look at these tips:

Build a website:

It is absolutely necessary to build a credible website especially if you are a recent entrant in the industry. Most job-seekers judge start-ups by their website and the content published in it. Try building a website with accurate contact details and a valid e-mail id for further correspondence. Also ensure that your website is running at all times because if at all there is a problem with the server, candidates might consider your company as a non-credible entity.

Content management:

Apart from building a website, what goes into it is also very important. Never make an attempt to write invalid content on your own unless you are good in content writing. Poor communication and English on the website can drive away the best talent from approaching your organisation. Instead, hire a freelance content writer who could assist you in building the best content for your website.

Social media profiles:

Once you have a good website, the first thing you must do is to create a group or page on LinkedIn and Facebook as most job-seekers find about companies through these social media websites. Fill in relevant details on ownership, founding year and the number of employees you are currently working with. Also, build your profile and encourage your team members to have their own LinkedIn profiles for enhanced social media visibility.

Posts and articles:

One of the striking features of LinkedIn and Facebook is that it allows you to write articles which reach out to millions of profiles searching for similar interests. Ensure to write at least 2 posts per week and publish them on your profile. Initially, the response will be low, but as time passes by, visibility will increase so will the brand image. Reach out to people on the forum and be a part of a discussion that most professionals initiate.

Apart from these common tips, Han Digital talent experts also have unique start-up recruitment tips that will surely help you get the best talent. For more information on our services, please write to us at