Employee retention strategies that are sure to work

Ever wondered why people leave your organisation in a span of just two months? The reason being – your company’s poor employee retention strategies. Most employees leave organisations due to poor candidate management. It highly reflects on an HR professional’s incapability of handling employees and their needs. The most commonly held misconception about recruitment is it ends with onboarding of a candidate. However, the responsibility doesn’t end there. A much narrowed down unilateral approach on recruitment can undermine the very foundations of the organisation.

Therefore, it is crucial for a good HR professional to pay attention to both the organisation’s long-term goals and employee’s welfare.

Here we discuss certain tips that will help you generate better employee retention strategies:


It is not common for an employee to enquire about their work and future prospects in an organisation. A company can only strive by constantly giving their employees a chance to grow in their respective fields. Introducing unique career paths can help you to attract the best talent and also keep your staff engaged in their tasks.

People Skills:

One of our start-up clients lost a valuable employee recently. We helped them onboard the employee, but within a month’s time the employee put down their papers. As part of our job, one of my colleagues phoned the employee to find out the reason for their resignation. The employee later explained that neither the subordinates nor the supervisor greeted them in the office.

As simple as that, ensure to wear a smile and always acknowledge your employees or any newcomers. People skills can mean a lot to most employees, it can help them become comfortable in their present environment and also deliver the best performances in the long run.

Succession Planning:

One of the most common retention strategies employed by almost all organisations is succession planning. Often this strategy is known to be the best for engaging employees in an organisation for a longer period of time.

Succession Planning or upward talent mobility is a way to help employees recognise their aims and move up the career ladder. However, nowadays moving up is not the only trend, instead, in large organisations, HR professionals are encouraging lateral movement of talent. This helps employees understand other departments and execute tasks in cordial terms.


Additional benefits that come along with remuneration/package is highly valued by most employees. Bonuses during festivals and on achieving expected targets or performance appraisal etc. can be a good addition to an organisation’s retention strategies. Apart from this, ensure that you implement gender-neutral policies within the organisation.

Also a flexible and highly decentralised organisation structure will bring in more talent to your organisation.

Han Digital talent consultants can offer you more resources on talent retention. We analyse the company, its mission, its vision and its existing retention strategies based on which we outline a plan that will help your company to get the best talent from the industry. For more information on our recruitment and talent consulting services, you can write to us at