Acquire the best talent by using these hiring tips

The prevalence of cut-throat competition and unique opportunities in the job market has put forth a new challenge to recruiters — that is sourcing talent for niche skills. The world today is evolving at a greater pace, both in terms of technology and economic reforms. Thanks to social media websites, applicants have sought new methods to approach organisations.

Job-seekers, nowadays, are not waiting for recruiters to offer them an insight into an organisation’s work culture, remuneration and incentives, instead, they are seeking information by themselves. In order to attract the best talent, hiring managers are adopting advanced talent acquisition strategies to seek transperency in recruitment and the also developing internal policies that are beneficial to employees.

Is your organisation doing complete justice to potential job-seekers by provinding the required information? Here are 5 tips that will help you leave your footprint in the job market:

Showcase your employees:

Employees are the most crucial assets as they play a major role in branding and promoting the work culture of your organisation. Job-seekers look forward to connecting with successful employees working in your company. Employee profiles on LinkedIn and other social networking sites can enhance your recruitment marketing strategy. This attempt will not only attract new talent but will also increase business prospects in the market.

Be transparent to potential job-seekers:

Organisations that lack transparency are deemed not credible in the job market. Companies without a website or social networking profile will never attract the best talent. It’s best to keep your company profile updated on platforms as job-seekers use social media enterprises such as LinkedIn,, Facebook and The Muse to access crucial information and reviews about a company. Ensure timely response and feedback to queries, inquiries, reviews and job postings.

Use alternate marketing strategies:

Tech-savvy candidates, especially Millennials (Generation Y), are more glued to digital video platforms to seek company profiles and clips on work culture and environment. Create video clips that will significantly throw some light on your company culture, employee profiles, and subsequently post it on YouTube and This will introduce your company to a much diverse range of job seekers.

For tapping young talent, it is essential for companies to create lively and engaging videos. Also sharing photos and creating an image-focused social media footprint can assure you goodwill and favourable returns in the future.

Map Return on Investment (ROI) pertaining to recruitment:

To tap the best the talent, try to figure out which domain offers your company a considerable chance to find potential job-seekers. Find out which forum/event – campus, conferences, social media, recruitment drives – offers the highest ROI. Make use of metric tools to track your company’s overall recruitment expenses, so that you will have a clue as to where you can accurately invest time and money.

Cultivate connections

Build communities for your company, employee groups, campus diaries, business line etc. to create a motivated applicant pipeline. Social media enterprises allow individuals and companies to build their own page and cultivate followers for the same. Having a follower page or an online talent community can help your company to foster a good relationship with potential job-seekers. Support these talent communities as per their requirements and customise your communication strategies to each audience. Conduct contests or monthly Hackathons or other events to keep applicants engaged to your company.

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