6 tips to attract business as a Recruitment Consultant

The recruitment industry is not about hiring applicants. There is more to it. My friends often ask me about the role I play in a recruitment firm. As they are aware that I have always been passionate about Marketing, they find it hard to imagine me working with an HR & recruitment firm.


Brushing aside their doubts, I tell them that I am in fact a Marketing Executive and a Recruitment Consultant with Han Digital Solution.


Well it might sound a little “out of place” since most recruitment agencies don’t even have marketing executives. Besides, marketing and recruitment do not go hand in hand.


As a Marketing Executive, I am into promoting Han Digital Services and content management to clients and applicants alike. I bring business to the company and ensure that my clients are satisfied with every service they render.


Recruiters often ask me, how do I manage to find businesses? Here are a few tips that have helped me to connect with clients:


• Cold Calling


As cliché as it sounds, cold calling is one best methods to generate business in a recruitment agency. Unlike banks, where calls are unilateral and simple, cold calling in a recruitment agency is extremely comprehensive. I technically deliver my proposal over the phone, simultaneously share PPTs on emails and also understand client requirements. My approach to cold calling gives me a fair idea on customising my services as per my client’s requirement. Plus, it offers creative ideas for service generation.


• Social Media


Social media websites like LinkedIn give you a chance to display your recruitment services to clients. All you need to do is connect with them on a personal level, negotiate and voila! You bring prospects to your firm. While on LinkedIn, you must always remain active and build contacts. Publish articles, make announcements and participate in online debates and forums. This way clients will have an understanding that your recruitment agency is well versed in its services and an epitome of progress.


• Job Fairs


Recruiters/HR personnel are always on the hunt to seek new clients/vendors at job fairs. You have a wide chance to expand your network and promote your activities on a forum like this.


Try giving speeches on trending HR topics and interact with companies to introduce your recruitment services. However, don’t expect this to be an easy task. Remember, you are bound to be flanked by 10 other rivals doing the same activity. Ensure to be creative while you pitch any idea to a client. Do your homework before pitching and identify the USP (Unique Selling Point) which can help your agency to stand out from the crowd.


• Email Campaigning


Most of my clients stay in another country and calling them as per my convenience is unreasonable. In this situation, emails are considered best to reach to out to clients. Keep your emails short and simple. Nobody has the time to read lengthy emails. Avoid sending too much information in one mail. Always stick to the point and address the problems of your clients first.


• Content Management


To give first hand comprehensive understanding of your recruitment services, generating content is considered vital. Apart from emails and cold calls, your clients would like to have a better understanding of your hiring services, which only you can give them through accurate and genuine content. Blogs and case study writing is one of the best ways to evoke interest. By addressing problems through content, you get to connect with your readers. Blogs also project your expertise on a subject.


• Create Videos


The digital world is far more advanced than just reading and writing. Clients believe in what they see. Create short videos and clips about your company services. You could also use animations and info-graphics to captivate audience attention. Create a Vimeo or YouTube account to post videos you make. Even though, creating videos is expensive, it is worth the effort.