6 methods to promote internal talent mobility in your company

Recruitment is not merely about hiring external talent, it also takes into consideration the performance and well-being of employees. Internal talent plays a crucial role in attrition management. An effective talent mobility programme assures to retain employees by honing their skills and taking care of their requirements.

Therefore, you must to address your employees concerns aptly because neglecting their needs can drive them away from your organisation.

According to an internal study conducted by talent consultants at Han Digital Solution 53% of employees leave their current organisation due to negligence and poor work culture. Besides, it also prevents some of the best talents from applying to your organisation. Hence, the more your serve your employees, the longer they are going to stay.

The challenge, however, for most HR professionals is seeking ways to keep internal talent from getting disinterested and losing them in a competitive and highly volatile talent market. To retain its best talent, organisations must foster career advancement and offer relevant opportunities for its employees to grow and augment their knowledge, skills and experience.

Ensuring internal talent that they have a future with your company is essential for increasing productivity and employee engagement. Conducting career management sessions and offering opportunities to employees for advancing in their career paths is highly crucial for job satisfaction, value-building, brand image and retention.

Some of the best ways to boost your employees’ morale are listed below:

  1. Have a clear set of goals and metrics

Determine few precise goals that you might want to incorporate in your internal talent mobility programme. Goals such as refining employee engagement and reducing attrition should be given much importance and due attention.

Next, rely on certain parameters and metrics that track goals and determine what information you will need to follow-up and analyse in order to evaluate potential success rates.

  1. Advocate transparency

Transparency and transactional communication are the two most crucial elements in an internal talent mobility programme. A distortion in these channels can severely impact the attrition rate in your organisation. Therefore, it is a must to articulate your internal mobility strategies to your employees and its importance to the organisation.

  1. Imbibe it in your work culture

Internal talent mobility introduces dynamism and progress to your organisation. It captures the attention of employees and also attracts new talent to the organisation. Internal mobility programmes, if made routine, can ensure sustainability and long-term success to the company. Regular training sessions, mentoring and career transition programmes are some techniques that promote employment engagement.

  1. Assist the management to identify top potential talent

Employees with high potential have the ability to aspire and bring goodwill to the company. They are likely to emerge successful in top-level positions. By assisting the management in identifying top talent within the organisation, you can help them evaluate and allot the type of mobility that best suits your employees’ requirements.

  1. Provide learning opportunities to your employees

Internal promotion is always clubbed with training and assistance which invariably help in preparing employees to shoulder new responsibilities and talent. Ensure that you provide employees with plenty of learning opportunities to grow and develop in their newly designated domain.

  1. Encourage cross-functional talent mobility

Lateral talent mobility for employees must also be taken into consideration. Going up the hierarchy is not the only option for a career move. Enlighten your employees about collaborations and multi-functional teams and their responsibilities. Inform them about opportunities that could be exploited in a particular department. Push your employees to apply their skills and talents where it is required the most.

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