5 reasons why job-seekers should join start-ups

As a talent consultant, it has always been hard for me to convince job-seekers to work with start-ups. Most job-seekers I come across are often biased towards working with start-ups. They believe start-ups provide little or no opportunity, poor pay and an uncomfortable work environment. However, this might not be the case with all start-ups. I have worked closely with at least 30 start-ups and most of them offer good career benefits and opportunities for their employees to explore and grow.


Here are 5 reasons why you should join start-ups:


  • You get to be more responsible


As per my observation, start-up founders are more responsible toward their duties as they are solely accountable for the returns on their investment and other funded investors. With this view in mind, they are always on the run to bring in more revenue to the organisation and as a result, the same energy is transferred to the employees. You get to shoulder individual responsibilities and handle new projects. If you are successful in displaying your calibre to the organisation, you will surely be noticed for your potential and contribution.


  • You get to become a part of a new project launch


Start-ups are known for their novel and innovative products/services in the market. It offers new opportunities for youngsters seeking a boost in their career ladder. Ambitious persons such as tech geeks and innovators can join start-ups and explore diverse career opportunities at great length. Perhaps you might even get a chance to launch your own product/service someday and if your product does well in the market, you might have a possibility of receiving some exciting stock options for becoming a shareholder of the company you work with.


  • You are treated to special employee benefits & perks


Without trendy perks and benefits, work at some places gets boring and mundane. However, this might not be the case with start-ups. Most start-up founders I interacted with are ready to offer flashy benefits which you might have never across in an established firm.


A technology-based start-up in Bangalore and a client of Han Digital, for instance, is providing an “iMac” to its employees along with complementary lunch. Apart from this, few companies also provide movie tickets and weekend beers as a reward for employee performance. Start-ups are also ready to expend money to retain the best talent and might even amaze employees by offering trendy perks when they achieve targets.


  • You get to go on trips abroad and within the country


If you are an avid traveller and globe trotter, working with start-ups is the right option for you. With heavy competition prevalent among employees in established firms, it becomes nearly impossible for you to travel on projects. There is always a probability that you may or may not be given a chance to travel. However, working for start-ups can help you chase your dreams as every employee is responsible for an individual project. At times, you might also get to travel to the client location and work for your company.


  • You get a versatile job role


Working for an established firm hinders your ability to fully express your ideas and skills to its full potential. You have limited views and there is absolutely no room for research and learning.


However, working for a start-up can help you become versatile in your job. You can convert ideas into realities through your supportive peers and seniors. Apart from this, you can derive other possibilities from the company’s existing resources. By working on single projects, you are entitled to take calculative risks and at the same time assess your skills and enhancing them as per the demand of your company.


These are some of the reasons that can be seen as a possibility for a candidate to take risks and enter into a start-up ecosystem. There are numerous start-ups in the market. It’s up to you to choose the right one and from where you can align your abilities with the company’s vision and contribute in the best way possible.


Good Luck!