4 trends in Talent Acquisition you need to know

In the recent years, talent acquisition has undergone major changes. With the growing amount of people engaging on social media, it has never been easier to screen applicants online. However, social media has its own pros and cons. It has made recruitment a more comprehensive process as applicants are becoming more divided across the web. Even though, it is easier to seek talent, the challenge is in reaching out to them.


With several companies using social media as tool to recruitment, it’s becoming tougher to get a response from candidates. Since, most applicants are either not actively seeking jobs or being contacted by other companies.


So what can a hiring manager like you do to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive talent industry?


Recently, my talent consultant team members had a discussion on trends in the hiring process with their key focus on developing the best recruiting strategies. Here are some points we came up with and thought it might help you hire the best talent in the industry:


• Enhance Candidate Engagement and Experience


Earlier recruiting was an impersonal process. But now, thanks to the rise of social media and the internet, it is transactional. Nowadays applicants expect more transparency, interaction and interpersonal communication in the hiring process.


The digital world has made today’s applicants more sophisticated in their approach toward job opportunities. Candidates are constantly researching companies on social media websites, like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, to help them decide whether to accept or apply for a job with a company. Applicants on social media are also seeking clues on the working culture of an organisation and the products/services they deal with. Therefore, have an updated social media profile with valid URLs directing them to your company website.


With regard to candidate experience, it is ideal to keep most online job applications simple and quick to go through. Since, most applicants are willing to take their time off to go through the job application, it is mandatory that as a recruiter you must be succinct in the questions you ask. If you require an applicant to spend more than 15 minutes on a job application, you can expect to see a huge decline rate.


• Make Use of Technology


Company’s today have a great deal of options to help them find the best talent in the industry. Technology, being one them, has helped them eliminate manual labour. It has not only helped them find the best talent, but has also assisted them to measure and generate valuable hiring insights to further optimise their performance in recruitment.


Social media websites are a blessing to the recruitment industry as they are precisely doing the time-consuming administrative work of hiring managers. They are giving recruiters time to connect with candidates, build strategies and develop a strong talent pipeline for the company.


Some of the known technological aids in the recruitment industry are Talent CRM tools, ATS systems etc. which help recruiter to store profiles, data, conversations and other crucial information. These tools optimise recruitment in myriad ways. For instance, inbuilt engagement capabilities feature helps recruiters to match and map the right applicants in your employee networks. Recruitment integrated with technology gives your company an edge over competitors.


But what eventually distinguishes great from decent hiring firms is that one which makes a deliberate effort in using these technology driven tools, to regularly analyse insights to improve their existing talent acquisition strategies for both long-term and short-term achievements.


• Employer Branding Strategies


One of the ways to funnel the best talent to your organisation is to optimise your employer branding skills. Be honest about the work culture in terms of approach such as the decentralised and centralised delegation of authority. Share some of the top employer profiles just to give potential candidates an idea about what their life could be working in your organisation.


• Use Trendy Marketing Tactics to Target Applicants


With applicants dispersed across social media, you will need a multi-channel approach to reach out to many target applicants for your company. In order to find the best talent, you must screen and engage with your clients on social media platforms.


To get the desired attention and interest from candidates, you need to also evolve your content strategy. Create dynamic videos on employer success stories, work culture and projects. Use other formats such blogs and e-books, whichever you think might be appealing to potential candidates.


By implementing these aspects, you can ensure to optimise your hiring abilities and build quality recruitment strategies to enhance your business by attracting the best talent to your organisation.


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