4 reasons as to why talent mobility is important!

Ever wondered why employees leave an organisation even after being offered the most lucrative package. Well, one of the most profound reason is — people expect something beyond monetary benefits. Money isn’t the only motivating factor that retains an employee, the amount of opportunity offered to them also plays a crucial role in determining their stay in the organisation. Talent Mobility and Succession Planning are the two common terms that deal with employee retention and has been a part of the HR jargon for quite some time now.


What is Talent Mobility?


Talent mobility or internal mobility of the employee is about companies understanding on how to best optimise their resources for growth, productivity and success, while keeping employees engaged in their future. 


To begin with, successful organisations, these days, are defined by their uniform practices. Not only do leaders of an organisation strive to move ahead, but they also encourage employees to follow suit by offering them the right opportunities in the given time.


Many companies today have adopted highly advanced internal mobility programmes which help them move the right talent at the right time.






Here are 4 reasons as to why Talent Mobility is important:



Unlike expensive and time consuming habitual recruitment activities like head-hunting, screening and on-boarding, Talent Mobility is considered as a much cheaper option. The cost of finding talent is significantly reduced as the company can fill the required vacancy by promoting their own employees.


Employee Motivation:

As the old saying goes, “money makes the mare go”. Until now, monetary benefits were considered an only option to retain employees, but with emerging demands and better opportunities, people have always wanted to achieve more and progress ahead. By implementing a well-planned internal mobility programme, companies can boost their employee morale and help them establish their purpose within the organisation.


Dynamic Work Culture:

Internal mobility of employees introduces a dynamic work environment. Nobody would like to work for a company that sticks by its rigid work policies. It projects a highly negative image of the company and can potentially drive away the best talent. Having an employee promoted can offer you two benefits:

It brings down your training costs and;

The existing employee has a better understanding of your work culture and more importantly, knows how to handle your customers.

Although adopting an employee mobility programme paves way to newer challenges, it also opens a whole new gateway for experimentation and progress.


Business secrets are safe:

Succession Planning or employee promotion to a senior most level involves a high amount of risk. When a senior employee leaves the organisation, there is a chance of them leaking crucial information to another organisation. But, by offering a promotion, companies can not only retain the best talent but can also safeguard their business secrets.


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