4 reasons to prefer Talent Mobility to external recruitment

Are you tired of effortlessly rummaging through candidate lists on and LinkedIn and yet you have failed to hire the best talent? I am sure, it must be frustrating. Well, do not despair! Take some time off and read through this blog, it will offer you a different outlook to recruitment and give a brief idea on what Talent Mobility actually is.


To begin with, let me tell you about Malathi, our client and an HR recruiter who works with a well-known tier 1 firm (names of the company kept anonymous to protect privacy).


Malathi had a traditional approach to recruitment. She sought help from various recruitment agencies to screen and source potential candidates. Besides, her team members also helped her screen candidates through online recruitment portals and social media websites. But, all her efforts were in vain.


Malathi realised that she not only wasted her time but also incurred huge expenses by availing services of these agencies as she could not find a single applicant suitable for the job requirement.


After a few months, Malathi sought help from Han Digital in understanding the loopholes in her hiring approach. Needless to say, our talent experts solved her problem in a jiffy. We analysed her difficulties and offered Talent Mobility as a unique solution to all her problems.


At first, Malathi disagreed with us, but here’s how we convinced her to adopt the idea of internal movement of talent in her company.


• It saves you time, money and energy


By hiring internal candidates, you are saving up time and eliminating money you use into sourcing external applicants. No more job posting strategies on online portals, SMSs and rendering of those cliché and expensive services of recruitment agencies. Besides, it can also eliminate your training costs, as the internal applicant will require little or no training for a particular requirement.


• Introduces creativity


We, at Han Digital Solution, consider Talent Mobility as a distinct solution to recruitment qualms.
1. Firstly, as a recruiter, it gives you the opportunity to create your own database of applicants. Here internal applicants can connect and seek newer opportunities and apply if at all a requirement crops up.
2. Secondly, it allows you to understand your company’s talent at a much greater level,
3. Thirdly, it projects your company as people friendly,
4. Fourthly, it allows your employees to experiment, grow and contribute to the organisation’s long-term goals.


• Assists in Succession Planning


Hiring applicants for an executive level is a risky affair. If you are unsure about using agency help; all you can do is take a peek into your internal applicant talent pool and observe if you can spot a senior worthy of promotion or seeking new job roles. Succession Planning or internal mobility of employees at a senior level is best when applicants are sought within the organisation as they are loyal and can keep business secrets safe.


• Motivation


Motivation is a driving force for any employee to stay in the organisation. Through internal mobility, the motivation level of employees will always be at its zenith. Besides, this is one of the greatest ways to retain the best talent in your organisation. You can reduce employee attrition and increase your relationship with them at a much grander level. Through internal mobility, employees might also refer their family members and close friends as potential applicants to the organisation.


Malathi is now one of the top talent acquisition managers in her firm as she sought other services from Han Digital Solution that enhanced her existing recruitment strategies.


Here’s your chance as well to scale up the recruitment ladder, get in touch and our talent experts can guide you to your requirement.


Happy Recruiting!


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