Competitive Intelligence

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Hiring candidates with competitive intelligence

As per Selecting the right candidate for a requirement is much complex than screening potential job applicants. Recruiters are often at crossroads whether or not the choice they have made is right. Most recruiters hire potential job applicants based on their performance during interviews and aptitude tests. However, it is essential that recruiters take into consideration and evaluate a potential job applicant’s competitive intelligence.

Here are some reasons as to why hiring candidates with competitive intelligence is beneficial:

Good knowledge about the market:

Competitive intelligence is a good indicator of corporate performance and industry trends. A candidate performing exceptionally good in this scale will not only help achieve the set target but will also assist key decision makers to forecast and arrive at credible and quality decisions. Having a good knowledge on market affairs can help strategic planners to allocate right resources and budgets when needed.


Confidence and self-esteem are two main qualities that every recruiter seeks in the talent they hire. An applicant who has a good understanding of the market is a complete package of success to an organisation. Candidates having competitive intelligence are motivated to perform better and achieve organisational goals at all levels. They are driven by market forces and are always on the lookout for new and challenging opportunities.

Crisis Handling:

An employee having a sound understanding of market forces and competitive intelligence is also considered a risk taker and manager. They are adaptable and quick thinkers and can handle situations requiring dire attention with greater ease and efficiency. Besides, employees having competitive intelligence can also supplant the strategic manager and take decisions that will benefit the organisation in the long-run.

Key decision maker:

Decision making is a key skill and almost every talented candidate or employee must possess it. The management of many companies these days seek candidates who are in a position to take decisions during corporate adversities. Besides it also eliminates training and other miscellaneous expenses to the company.

Employees having competitive intelligence are able decision makers and can handle almost any situation professionally. Hiring such candidates can also benefit the management tremendously as they intend to brainstorm ideas and plans that are worth appreciation.